Why Choose Yukana?

A positive transition to aged care

With retirement living and aged care on the same site, we offer an alternative to the usual home care pathway.

Rather than waiting for an eventual move to aged care, move to a Yukana unit while you’re enjoying an independent, retirement lifestyle.

As your care needs increase, we’ll be here.

When it’s time for aged care in a Yukana care apartment, you’re still home. It’s the same community and neighbourhood. Friends are here with you. Our team already know you, and will take great care of you.

If the smoothest transition to aged care could be imagined, this would be it.

You won't have to move again

Beside care, this is the one thing that seniors ask us about the most. It’s clear that stability makes an extraordinary difference to a person’s well-being and having a bright outlook for the future.

We can provide the care you need, when you need it. Care services can be delivered to your unit while you’re living independently, followed by the full spectrum of aged care in our care apartments, including secure dementia and palliative care.

Once you move to Yukana, this is a place you can call home for life.

Privately funded

We’re the only 100% privately funded provider of aged care in Toowoomba.

Retain financial privacy and set up your future with the care of your choice.

Retirement living inclusions

Unit residents enjoy peace of mind with these benefits, included at no additional cost:

and more.