Fees and Services

Retirement Living

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$384.72 per fortnight

Ongoing fees

Added value, built-in.

Our inclusions are a rare find amongst retirement villages.

Onsite emergency care staff 24/7 (help gets to you faster than someone driving from an offsite location)

14 nights of standard respite care annually, valued at $1,728 per year

Refrigerator, washer/dryer, TV, air conditioner and microwave supplied, repaired and replaced by us

Yukana bus rides to local shops included in fees.

Co-located retirement living and aged care.

Stay well looked after at one address throughout your sunset years.

When it’s time for private aged care in a Yukana care apartment, you’re still home. Friends are here with you. It’s a dignified, seamless transition.

Independent living

Day-to-day care, including dementia care

End of life care


After the end of your retirement living stay, a minimum of 65% of your ingoing contribution will be returned to you as an exit entitlement.

If your ingoing contribution was $199,000, that equates to


or more.

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Aged Care

We’re working on ways to make our fees more comparable with government-funded providers. Details coming soon.
In the meantime, talk with us about your personal circumstances. We’ll guide you through available care options and fees.

Experience trusted, private aged care.

At Yukana, you’re choosing high quality, private care with a reputable team. We care for you with genuine respect, value and dignity.

We provide the full range of low to high care onsite, including dementia and end of life care.

By opting for privately funded care, you’ll also have more financial privacy.

Privately funded benefits.

If you’ve begun to research aged care anywhere in Australia, chances are you’ve started with: 

My Aged Care

Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)

being required to disclose your personal wealth.

At Yukana, none of these are required.

We’re 100% privately funded, no government funding.

Discover the benefits of simpler, clearer fees with more choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: It is important to do your own, independent research. 

Retirement living

Our accommodation fees are often comparable, or even more affordable than other villages. 

Our ongoing fees of $362.60 per fortnight are generally more expensive. This is mainly due to high-level inclusions that are popular with our residents, such as:

  • onsite emergency care 24/7 (rather than offsite)
  • 14 nights of standard respite care per year (valued at $1627), subject to availability
  • a whitegoods package supplied with your unit.

Aged care

When comparing Yukana’s private care fees with a government provider’s fees, you’ll need to take into account how the government would assess your personal wealth.

At Yukana, you may pay less than you would to a government-funded provider, and also have the benefits of a private aged care experience.

Retirement living

Yes. A full pension completely covers our retirement living fortnightly fees.

Aged care

A full or part pension would cover a portion of our aged care fortnightly fees. You may also be eligible for rent assistance. The remaining balance would be contributed from your own funds or personal income.

Talk with our team about potential solutions tailored to your circumstances.

Retirement living

Yes. You’re welcome to bring a home care package or DVA benefits with you to your independent living unit.

Yukana also offers flexible, private home care services on a pay-as-you-go basis. Use as much or as little as you need.

This can be helpful if you:

  • aren’t eligible for a home care package,
  • are on the waitlist for a home care package, or
  • would like more services than your funded level allows.

Aged care

Yes, you can bring your home care package or DVA benefits with you for certain services.

Care services are provided by our own staff, and are not needed through an external provider.

We encourage you to retain your package for other lifestyle and well-being benefits, such as social outings.

Yukana uses a Deferred Management Fees (DMF) model, which is intended to help people gain access to village accommodation without taking on the responsibility of home ownership.

Please talk with our team for tailored information, including a clear, worked example.

At Yukana, our care approach is fundamentally different to many providers.

First, we look at each individual person’s care needs.

Second, we assess the staffing levels we need to care for that person, as well as the other people in our aged care community.

Finally, we look at the finances required to cover those staffing costs, and determine privately set fees accordingly.

Yukana offers privately funded aged care under the Retirement Villages Act 1999, which allows greater flexibility in the range and level of service we can provide.

This is different to most providers, who provide aged care under the Aged Care Act 1997.

Glossary of terms

We provide all levels of aged care, from low through to high care. Yukana is a place you can call home for life.

Standard care – an entry level of day-to-day support, such as shower supervision and getting dressed. All meals and lifestyle activities are included. 

Transitional care – increased support and care time, depending on the person’s individual needs.

Extended care – the maximum level of care, including secure dementia and end of life care. 

Retirement living

Independent living in a one or two-bedroom unit, with access to onsite services and support if you want or need it. Find out more about retirement living. 

Aged care

Supported living in a private care apartment, located in our Total Care Facility. The level of day-to-day care required depends on the individual’s health and well-being. Find out more about aged care. 

Respite care

Short-term supported living, provided in a care apartment in our Total Care Facility. Ideal after being discharged from a hospital stay, while you get back on your feet. Respite care is usually prioritised to retirement living residents of Yukana, and is generally not available to the general public.

Privately funded aged care

An alternative to government-funded aged care.

Yukana is a privately funded, not-for-profit provider. Find out more.

Because Yukana is privately funded, you do not need any of the processes, forms or tools mentioned in this section.

Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)

A government initiative used to determine the level of care you need.

At Yukana, having an ACAT is helpful, but not essential.

Aged Care Financial Instrument (ACFI)

A government instrument used to determine the level of funding you would receive towards government-funded care.

At Yukana, ACFI doesn’t apply.

Income and asset form

A government tool used to assess the level of your personal wealth, and subsequently, the level of funding you could receive from the government towards your care.

You do not need to fill out this form if you’re moving to Yukana.

My Aged Care

The starting point for all government-funded aged care research.

As a private provider, Yukana does not require this to start providing care services to you. However, you may like to investigate if you are eligible for benefits.


All fees and information are subject to change without notice.

Terms and conditions apply. Please talk with our team to discuss the living options and fees that would be best suited to you and your individual health.

Yukana management reserves the right to determine eligibility for entry to Yukana, and availability of accommodation and services at any point during your stay.