Yukana Living Options

Independent Living Units


Yukana has 81 Independent Living Units, offering residents from 75 years of age the ability to enjoy an independent lifestyle with emergency assistance close at hand.

There are a number of different unit configurations, including one and two bedroom units with various additions, including:

  • enclosed patio
  • carport
  • lock-up garage
  • enclosed garage

Your unit is your own private space within Yukana. Enjoy the company of other residents, perhaps with a BBQ in our newly built pergola (pictured), or feel free to enjoy your own company if you prefer. We encourage that you retain your personal doctors, dentists, clubs and entertainment for a full and active life.

In the case that you may require emergency assistance, we provide you with a pendant or watch that can be activated if needed. This system is connected directly to our care and nursing staff, providing fast assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any move to a new home can be a big decision – but as our residents would say, the decision to move to an independent living unit at Yukana is one you won’t regret.


There may come a time where you could use a little help with day-to-day activities, such as housecleaning, laundry, ironing, medication management and low-level personal care. Our care staff from the Total Care Facility can provide extra support in the privacy of your own home, helping to make life a bit easier.

You can also take advantage of delicious, home-style meals prepared and freshly cooked on the premises. Our dietician is also on hand to ensure maximum nutrition from daily meals.

Total Care Facility (Supported Living Apartments)



Yukana’s Total Care Facility offers 83 private, newly renovated, single apartments with a private ensuite.  All supported living apartments feature reverse cycle air conditioning and heating, and are adjacent to beautiful courtyard areas (including kitchenettes) that provide a wonderful atmosphere to be enjoyed each day.


Surround yourself with your own personal and cherished belongings, including your own bed, your favourite chair and family pictures for hanging on the walls. All apartments include a private telephone, 24-hour emergency call system, private TV with in-house movies, and garden or courtyard garden views from your window. Delicious, home-style meals are prepared and freshly cooked on the premises. Our dietician is also on hand to ensure maximum nutrition from daily meals.

Your supported living apartment is cleaned weekly, and public areas cleaned daily. Bed linen is laundered weekly. You may wish to do your own personal laundry in the Total Care Facility, or we can do your personal laundry for you.

Medication delivered by Yukana staff is dispensed by our preferred pharmacist through Medication Packaging Systems (MPS) and DoseEdge – computer-controlled systems linking the doctor, pharmacist and Yukana, to ensure that the key people involved in providing your medication are fully informed, particularly when changes or variations take place. This service takes the responsibility of medication delivery off your shoulders, and gives you and your family peace of mind.


As you age, your care needs change. Your care needs may become more than the level normally provided in a supported living arrangement. At Yukana, we can increase the level of care appropriate to your needs, delivered by fully trained nursing and care staff. You can rest easy, knowing that full Extended Care is available at the time that you need it – all without leaving the comfort of your own ‘home’, in our Total Care Facility.


Yukana’s dementia care area has been described as perfect – there is only one other in Australia designed the same way. Our dementia area is a light, airy environment where the resident’s lifestyle is not compromised by their need for safety. Nursing staff regularly assess the level of care each resident requires, ensuring as much independence as possible, including access to outdoor and garden areas for stimulation and recreation while you still remain secure.

Next Steps

To find out more about applying for a place at Yukana, please contact us. As places are in high demand at Yukana, your application will be assessed based on your need and circumstance and availability. Our minimum entry age is 75 years for Independent Living Units and 80 years for the Total Care Facility, however we can accept younger applicants with adjustments to our model.

To ensure we can meet your individual care needs, we will arrange an appointment with Yukana management prior to your acceptance. If private accommodation is available that meets your ageing needs, we may make an offer.

If moving to Yukana is the right discussion for you and your future care needs, we recommend that you place your name on our waiting list, even if you believe that making a decision could be some time away. This will give you the best possible chance of securing a place at a time in the future when you do need our services.

For a guided tour of Yukana, please call our Information Desk on (07) 4631 5678. We’d love to hear from you.

Eligibility for entry to Yukana is determined by Yukana management.