Winter at Yukana Private

20 Jun, 2018

The cool winter days have returned and the residents at Yukana Private have begun to hibernate to the warmth indoors. That’s not to say they are not active and involved in the life of the Village. There’s still loads to do each day, with exercises, card games, indoor bowls, bingo, sing-alongs, movies and get togethers….
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Building a great community

28 May, 2018

Residents at Yukana Private are invited to regular monthly events, hosted by management and staff. These special events are designed to assist in the building of relationships between residents, as well as residents and staff. Everyone in attendance is able to socialise and interact in an informal and relaxed setting. This allows for some great…
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Yukana celebrates Motherhood

18 May, 2018

At Yukana Private, we celebrate all women who call Yukana home on Mother’s Day. We understand it takes the care and influence of many people for children to learn and grow. Even as we mature, we still require suitable role models in our lives. Throughout history, there have been women fulfilling these roles, irrespective of…
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Yukana outing to Picnic Point

9 May, 2018

Each month, Yukana Private residents enjoy an outing with residents from another Toowoomba residential village. These regular events are normally reciprocal visits, swapping between the two villages to host each other. Residents enjoy morning tea while taking advantage of the chance to build and maintain the external friendships they have developed over time. While our…
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ANZAC Day for Yukana Residents

27 Apr, 2018

ANZAC Day has a particularly special meaning for most residents at Yukana, who either served or were heavily impacted by WWII. As we do each and every year at Yukana, we gathered together to commemorate this important day. Residents and staff assembled for the memorial service, honouring those who have, and continue to, defend our…
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