Celebrating our Volunteers

This week is National Volunteer Week (20-26 May 2019). Although we always appreciate the volunteers here at Yukana Private, we want to take the opportunity this week to publicly acknowledge the generous contribution of our volunteers to our community here at Yukana Private.

Why do they volunteer

The reasons for volunteering can range from wanting to invest and make people feel valued to just needing something to do with their spare time. Ray says he volunteers at Yukana because “I love people and I go home feeling a better person for it”. John was employed at Yukana for over 10 years in our Service Team as a cleaner. Now he is a volunteer and says “I enjoy the residents company and they have interesting things to say. I keep an ear out on anything they may need assistance with – it’s like having their back in case things go wrong which makes me feel helpful”. John acknowledges that volunteering not only benefits the community at Yukana, but also himself. “While working here, I really got to know the ressies. When I finished, I started spending a lot of time by myself and found myself thinking of everyone at Yukana. Yukana had become a large part of my life and I just wanted to come back. Volunteering keeps me connected to people which is really good for me.”

Volunteer outside in garden
Yukana volunteer John enjoying the sunshine and gardens

Who are they and what do they do

Some of our volunteers are residents who live here and assist with events, welcoming new residents and other daily activities such as swapping out books in the bookcases. Others come in on different days to do a range of things such as sitting with residents to have a cuppa, read, play a game of pool or take a walk around one of the many gardens at the village – all of these activities help residents feel even more connected and a part of a community especially if they are not inclined to attending larger gatherings.

For something a little different, once a month singing groups and individuals visit which is “always a favourite activity for the residents” says Liz our Lifestyle and Volunteer Manager. Another fortnightly loved activity is when Delta Therapy Dogs visit, allowing the dogs with their owners interact with our residents, this is just such a joy for residents.

There is so much more our volunteers do for our residents. Our volunteers are “Making a world of difference” which is what Volunteering Australia themed this year’s National Volunteer Week as. Reality is, it doesn’t matter what our volunteers are doing because it is about the connection that each volunteer gives to our residents. This connection certainly makes a difference in the lives of those who call Yukana ‘Home’ and also in the lives of the residents extended families and the staff who work here. Volunteers are everything to our residents, “Making a world of difference”.

Want to know more

John puts the call out to people of all ages thinking about volunteering to “just try it. It can open a lot of doors and it keeps you connected to people.” If you would like to know more about volunteering at Yukana Private, please contact us. We would love to speak with you.

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