Building a great community

Residents at Yukana Private are invited to regular monthly events, hosted by management and staff. These special events are designed to assist in the building of relationships between residents, as well as residents and staff. Everyone in attendance is able to socialise and interact in an informal and relaxed setting. This allows for some great conversations, it also assists in maintaining a strong and happy community.

Staff and residents chatting at a recent Yukana BBQ

Conversation, food and friendships

Each month, residents receive their invitation to the next event. Residents are invited to a delicious BBQ lunch at the Village gazebo. Conversation flows over sausages, steaks and salad, or hamburgers. On the other month, they are invited to a special morning or afternoon tea. Here they enjoy a delicious assortment of pastries, savoury sandwiches and a range of seasonal fruit.

Ray and Beverley Young enjoying a BBQ lunch at Yukana Private

At each event, staff prepare and serve the food and beverages, while residents relax and chat. After lunch, staff have an opportunity to enjoy catching up and having some quality time with the residents. It’s a great opportunity for residents to ask questions they wouldn’t necessarily ask in a formal setting. It also gives staff the chance to listen to what the residents think about the services and facilities offered within Yukana Private. These regular events help build rapport between residents and staff who don’t always see each other on a regular basis. They also provide management with the information they require to ensure residents continue to receive the best services we can deliver.

Resident and staff chatting at Yukana BBQ

Showing residents they are valued

Our get togethers provide staff with an opportunity to show residents how much they are valued by all those at Yukana Private. Their contribution to the positive community within the Village is able to be acknowledged during one-to-one conversations. A warm greeting to neighbours, a coffee or a helping hand, or simply keeping an eye out for each other. In combination, this all helps to build and maintain the wonderful community that is Yukana Private.

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