Building relationships @ Yukana

One of the best things about living at Yukana Private is the relationship residents build, not only between themselves, but with the staff who work here. This was particularly evident recently, when two of Yukana’s much loved staff members announced they were getting married.

It wasn’t long before most residents were aware of their upcoming nuptials. (Exciting news of this calibre travels fast!) It was easy for Registered Nurse (RN), Meera, and Carer, Ben, to be swept up in the residents’ enthusiasm.

Given the nature of their roles at Yukana, both Ben and Meera have a close relationship with the residents. It was a wonderful surprise for them when Meera announced she had arrange her special day to include those close to her heart. She planned to make a quick visit to Yukana on her way to their wedding to share her day with everyone.

Meera at work at Yukana

The prospect of spending just a few moments with Meera on such an important day caused much excitement amongst the residents. Despite the fact that it was lunchtime, several ladies sat waiting at the front of the Total Care Facility in anticipation of her arrival. Each time a car appeared in the Village there was speculation of who it might be.

Of course, Meera looked stunning in her gown, and her Bridesmaids were beautiful as they emerged from the Bridal car.

Bride arriving at Yukana

The gasps were audible as each resident set eyes on the Bride in her gorgeous gown. Residents at the front of the facility waited patiently to have their photo taken with Meera. The adoration and sense of familiarity for their RN was evident on their faces.

Bride with Yukana residents

A murmur grew throughout the Dining Room, quickly turning to an appreciative applause as Meera entered. The emotion and joy of the moment was unmistakable, bringing back special memories for many residents. The unique bond between Meera and her Yukana family was obvious as she stopped to talk to residents and fellow staff. Everyone was eager to wish her well for her wedding.

Bride receiving good wishes from a Yukana resident

It is moments like this that really demonstrate the great relationships formed between residents and staff. There really is something special about Yukana.

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