Ice-cream sodas & banana splits

Residents at Yukana Private were delighted to get together for another community afternoon tea recently. Although only one of many events they can choose to attend, this one was a little out of the ordinary.

Time to mingle

After gathering in the Fellowship Room, residents had time to relax and chat while staff from Yukana’s management served them afternoon tea. It was a great opportunity for both parties to mingle and catch up on life’s events. Discussions ranged from what’s happening at Yukana and in the local community, to current events happening around the world.

Staff serving banana splits at Yukana Private

Residents also had the opportunity to chat about what they feel is most important in their day-to-day lives. They enjoyed engaging and sharing their afternoon with management staff.

Smiles all around

It was smiles all around as residents were treated to some much anticipated ice-cream sodas (‘spiders’) and banana splits.

Residents enjoying ice-cream sodas at Yukana Private

Everyone was able to choose their favour flavours. For the ice-cream sodas it was a choice between the ever popular Coke or Creaming Soda, and for the banana splits it was chocolate, strawberry or caramel. Residents commented that Creaming Soda was the flavour they remembered from childhood so, not surprisingly, this was the most popular on the day. It was a close race for the banana splits however strawberry won out in the end.

Banana splits ready to eat

While everyone sat in groups around the room enjoying their afternoon, one group seemed to be particularly enjoying themselves. It was soon discovered they had met at Yukana after moving from the same small town just outside Toowoomba. Most had moved to the village within a short timeframe of each other, and all were in attendance at the same event for the very first time. Some knew each other from earlier years but had lost contact over time. This gave them much to talk about and catch up on.

Something different

As residents began leaving the afternoon tea they expressed their thanks and enjoyment of the event. One resident commented, ‘It’s been ages since I’ve enjoyed an ice-cream soda or banana split’. Another commented, ‘I’ve very much enjoyed this, it was nice to have something different’.

The staff loved serving the residents and seeing the joy and nostalgia this brought them. It’s definitely moments like this that make Yukana so special.

Staff with a trolley full of banana splits at Yukana Private

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