13 Dec, 2017

Surely they can’t be playing Christmas carols already? It seems hardly possible that we can be at the end of another year.  And so it begins, secret Santa to buy for, end of year parties to attend, travel plans to make, hams to glaze, prawns to shell, turkeys to stuff, not to mention all the eating!

But what really makes Christmas special?  After the carols are sung, the gifts given and the feast eaten, what are the memories we hold most precious?

Here at Yukana, like most of us, it’s the moments we share with our family and friends that we treasure dear.

As you would expect, we’ve decked the halls with festive cheer, nativity scenes, nutcracker soldiers and Christmas trees.  But if you ask any resident what they look forward to most?  It’s seeing family and loved ones again, how much the little ones have grown, and the smiles on faces as hugs are given and gifts exchanged.

For some of our residents, this will mean the annual trip to the nearest family table.  But many will stay home, here at Yukana, and over the Christmas season will invite their family and friends to come join them.

Those lucky enough to get an invite on Christmas Day will be treated to a scrumptious Aussie Christmas lunch.  Prawns, oysters and the traditional ham and turkey will feature, with plum pudding and all the trimmings we love.

For those few residents that don’t have family nearby, you’ll find them sitting at the Christmas table, sharing heart-warming stories of years gone by with bright eyes and a cheery grin.

And it’s as these stories are told, and we chuckle over a joke or our eyes glisten over a fond memory, that we pause and enjoy what makes Christmas special to us all.  The warmth found in a community of friends that we get to call family.

So from all of us here at Yukana, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and hope to see you here one day soon so we can share a little bit of family with you.

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