New colour and life at Yukana

Yukana residents have been treated to an explosion of colour with a recent delivery of a mix of gorgeous flowering plants which have been given a new home in one of the courtyard gardens in the Total Care Facility.

With the plants arriving just in time for Easter, residents have been visiting the courtyard to take in the colour and new life provided by the mass of flowers. Which seems very fitting for the Easter season. Residents have been enjoying the additional plants which include Paper Daisies, Cyclamens, Chrysanthemums, Orchids, Gerberas, Bromeliads, Fuchsias, Standard Roses and a rare Tacca chantrieri, better known as a Bat Flower.

Added to the plants that were already in the courtyard, the new delivery has helped to create a vibrant atmosphere for residents to explore. They have also produced the added bonus of drawing more birds and butterflies into sunlit areas of the garden.

News about the new arrivals has travelled quickly throughout the Village bringing people into the courtyard to investigate. The plants have become a talking point amongst some of the residents, creating discussions about the interesting flowers on display. Some residents have taken the opportunity to enjoy the colourful atmosphere of the courtyard, having their morning or afternoon tea out in the sunshine. In fact, a few have been so impressed by some of the flowering plants, they have been out and about taking photos and sharing them with family and friends.

Our residents are looking forward to the warm weather expected over the Easter long weekend, and in particular, the time they get to spend with their friends and families. The fact that they can relax and catch up over a coffee with their nearest and dearest, in a courtyard filled with light, warmth and colour, makes life at home at Yukana a little more special.

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