Residents enjoy life at Yukana

Gloria and Ellie are two ladies who certainly make the most of life at Yukana. Each morning, straight after breakfast, they head to the aviary where they are warmly welcomed by a colourful assortment of birds.

The joy is evident on both ladies’ faces as the birds greet them by flying down and landing on their wheelie walkers, completely unafraid and at ease with their regular visitors. Gloria and Ellie are obviously just as comfortable in this environment.

While the staff at Yukana are there to tend to the aviary, Gloria and Ellie are happy to contribute to the care of the birds, feeding and providing fresh water for them, and taking note of anything that needs attention.

Through the care for their feathered friends, Gloria and Ellie are a shining example of the many residents at Yukana who help to create a lovely place for all to share.

The ladies are just two of the many residents who enjoy lending a helping hand, from assisting others to make their morning coffee or tea, to helping water the plants in the courtyards within the Total Care Facility. There are many activities they can involve themselves with if they wish.

It’s the many residents just like Gloria and Ellie who make Yukana a great community and such a special place to live.

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