Residents tell their stories

At Yukana Private we feel privileged to have so many wonderful residents living in our lifestyle village and aged care facility. Each have their own unique life stories and count Yukana as a part of this.

These stories are normally reserved for friends and family. However, many residents are keen to share them with staff, and even provide them as a means of sharing about their home at Yukana Private. This is particularly true when it comes to telling others about the lifestyle they enjoy.

From their willingness to share their life stories, appear in commercials, or sit for photos, the residents at Yukana are amazingly generous. Not only are they willing to volunteer their time, they have on occasion allowed staff and media into their homes.

Life stories

Filming in a Yukana residents home
Betty during filming of a recent advertisement

For those who love to be involved in this aspect of Yukana Private, it’s not uncommon to receive a request to participate in the latest round of advertising. More often than not this request is met with a very modest, ‘Yes, if you think I’ll be any good’, or, ‘Only if you don’t think I’ll break the camera!’.

Those who have shared their life stories so far have been eager to impart their memories. Details consist mostly of happy recollections as residents recount the people who have impacted their lives and the events throughout. From their lives growing up, to their lives now, they have so much to convey to those following their stories on Yukana’s social media.

A typical Yukana Facebook page
A resident’s story on Yukana’s Facebook page

Photography shoot

The latest round of promotions required residents to sit for a portrait shoot. Eleven amazing, bright and happy residents agreed to assist. Many of them have been involved before and are beginning to feel like seasoned pros as they take their directions to pose in one way or another.

Photographer directing a resident during a photoshoot
One of Yukana’s residents during a recent photoshoot

A special thank you

The team at Yukana Private are always keen to show their gratitude. Much thought is given to how best thank all those who are happy to invest their time to help out. Thank you gifts are always a must. Each resident was provided with a framed portrait of their time in front of the camera, a great memory to share with family and friends.

Resident thank you gifts

We thank our residents for all they do and look forward to sharing a part of their stories as they continue their journey at Yukana Private.

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