Winter at Yukana Private

The cool winter days have returned and the residents at Yukana Private have begun to hibernate to the warmth indoors. That’s not to say they are not active and involved in the life of the Village. There’s still loads to do each day, with exercises, card games, indoor bowls, bingo, sing-alongs, movies and get togethers. All held indoors at the Total Care Facility.

Exercises at Yukana Private

Hatching chicks

An extra special activity this winter has been the return of Henny Penny Hatching. This was an activity the residents thoroughly enjoyed being involved in last year. Stopping by each day to see if another egg had hatched, residents marvelled at the tiny, fluffy, bright yellow chicks.  They discussed childhood memories of their own chicken coops and watched the chicks gather under the brooding pen heat lamp. Some even took the opportunity to hold the tiny chicks, stroking their soft feathers. Resident’s family members and friends were able to adopt the chicks. There appeared to be intense interest for the black and the brown coloured hatchlings. This was explained by one resident who noted that, in her experience, ‘the darker hens usually laid more eggs’.

Chicken hatchlings at Yukana Private

Hot cuppas and special treats

Of course, winter is a great time for residents to host their friends and families as they gather for a visit in the warmth and comfort of their homes at Yukana Private. There’s always a hot cuppa on offer, irrespective of whether residents live in an Independent Supported Unit or the Total Care Facility. Cooking and sharing something special for morning tea is a joy for many unit residents, especially during the colder months. Residents at the Total Care Facility are keen to share morning tea with their visitors, offering tasty treats cooked daily in the kitchen. Of course, they all love to invite visitors along to enjoy a delicious, hot, home-style meals in the dining room or restaurant.

Morning tea time at Yukana Private

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