Community at Christmas

Christmas time is always special, with food, gifts, decorations, lights, friends and family get togethers over the holiday season. Yukana is no different in this respect, we love this time of year! For residents and staff it is a time where the spirit of a close knit Village really shines through. Being part of an integrated wellness community becomes even more significant for many.

Christmas kicks off

The Mayoral Over-80s Christmas Party in late November kicks off the holiday season. The first week of December brings a Total Care Facility full of Christmas decorations for all to enjoy. Residents enthusiastically comment on how much they admire the variation of vibrant colours. From holly and tinsel to themed trees in each court, they get to enjoy the adornments as they wander through the Facility.

Christmas decorations at Yukana Private - tree birds

While a few put up their own Christmas tree, most enjoy the ones throughout the Village and in their family’s homes.

Residents from the independent supported units get together each year to celebrate with a Christmas party. It’s always a great hit, with Santa sometimes making an appearance!

Everyone enjoys seeing the staff in their Christmas attire, and residents are occasionally seen wearing elf and Santa hats around the Village. The entire community are invited to participate in the Christmas Concert with carol singing and festive cheer.

Residents from the Total Care Facility get a special treat delivered to them each Friday, with December bringing them something just that little bit more special. This year brought the addition of eggnog to the list of weekly treats.

The month of December also sees a large volume of people coming and going. Having company and visiting is the heart of Christmas, and residents see lots of family members and friends who come to visit right through into the New Year. Children and grandchildren come to take them out for a meal or event, or simply come to spend time together. It’s probably their favourite part of Christmas — getting together, the stories told, laughter had, and good food savoured.

Christmas singalong at Yukana Private

As well as enjoying the company, seeing the local Christmas lights is popular amongst the residents. The Yukana bus takes them around the city and out to Highfields on a couple of occasions in the lead up to Christmas. Conversations flow as they travel from home to home to see the brilliant light displays.

Celebrating christmas day

Plans for Christmas Day are happily shared with staff. For some it means heading off on holidays, while for others it’s spending the day with family or friends. For many they look forward to spending time at home at Yukana in the company of family and fellow residents. The most important thing is to be able to share the joy of Christmas with others.

Christmas decorations at Yukana Private - Joy

For residents having lunch at Yukana on Christmas Day, this is one of the highlights. They always tell of the exceptional meal served up at Christmas. With a feast of hot and cold dishes made on-site by the professional catering company, it comes with all the trimmings.

Despite the fact that it’s traditionally a holiday season, residents voice their appreciation of the dedicated staff who are here throughout Christmas and New Year. For staff, the sharing of this special time with residents is something they treasure. This mutual care and appreciation is just a part of what makes Yukana Private so special.

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