Yukana celebrates Motherhood

At Yukana Private, we celebrate all women who call Yukana home on Mother’s Day. We understand it takes the care and influence of many people for children to learn and grow. Even as we mature, we still require suitable role models in our lives. Throughout history, there have been women fulfilling these roles, irrespective of whether they are called ‘Mother’.

The culture of having more than one family member, or close friend, assisting in the care of a child is particularly true for our residents’ generation. With families navigating through the great depression, it was often necessary for young girls to leave school to work, or to help care for their families. Whether it was caring for younger siblings, their own children, a niece or nephew, or the child of a family friend, all of our Yukana ladies have played an important maternal role at some point in their lives.

In their retirement they are still leading by example by providing advice and support to the generations who follow them.  Many are even nurturing our staff through the sharing of recipes, knitting patterns, gardening tips or plant cuttings from their own gardens. It is not uncommon for staff to receive advice about home remedies to assist sick family or bunches of flowers to decorate a work area.

Mother’s Day treats

A Mother's Day biscuits at Yukana Private

This year we were privileged to honour our ladies with a special treat. These were in the form of a heart shaped sweet biscuit. These were specifically designed to include words we believe describe the heart of motherhood:

Love – to represent the love they convey;

Nuture – to represent the care they provide;

Inspire – to represent the words of encouragement and wisdom they impart.

Even those with specific dietary needs didn’t miss out and were treated to a special gift, appropriate for them on Mother’s Day.

Honouring our ladies

Liz Kirby, holding a basketful of Mother's Day biscuits.

The staff at Yukana Private were excited to be able show their respect to all the women within the Village for the way they have touched so many lives. With baskets loaded full of biscuits, our Lifestyle Coordinator, Liz Kirby, and Relationship Coordinator, Pastor Melanie Mullen, visited each one individually to present them with their gifts.

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