Yukana goes to Crows Nest

Residents at Yukana were keen to join a day trip to Crows Nest. Eager to visit Crows Nest’s local soft drink factory, seats on the bus were quickly snapped up.

Soft drink factory

On arrival, residents were ushered in to learn about the bottling and labelling process at the factory. They loved watching the bottles flow past as they were filled with brightly coloured liquid. Staff were happy to answer questions after the demonstration. Of most interest was  the sugar levels in the drinks. Residents were delighted to learn that the factory was looking at producing sugar free products in the near future.

Yukana residents learning about Crows Nest soft drinks

Out for a stroll

Before leaving the factory, residents had time to sample and purchase some of the syrups and soft drinks. And their favourite flavour… why, sarsaparilla of course!

After leaving the factory, residents were able to take a stroll across town. Some decided to  check out the local craft shop to see what interesting bits and pieces they had in stock. Others visited the historic Centenary Park to take in the arbour, Jimmy Crow and memorial precincts.

Jimmy Crow memorial sign

Grand Old Crow Hotel

Before their journey back to Toowoomba, residents headed to the Grand Old Crow Hotel for a delicious pub lunch. It was interesting to learn that one of the residents had been a cook at the hotel in days gone by. In fact, she and her husband had spent much, if not all of their lives in Crows Nest. The family were very much an integral part of the small community and were happy to recount the many fond memories of their lives there. They had even had the privilege of visiting the original Crows Nest Soft Drink factory before it moved to its current location.

Shop fronts in Crows Nest's main street

Scenic drive home

After enjoying their lunch, they boarded the Yukana bus for the scenic drive home. Whenever possible, the bus will drive by the new bypass road works so the residents can see how much progress is being made. It’s something they appreciate being able to watch as it evolves.

On return to Yukana residents were more than happy to pop their feet up and rest after their big day out and about.

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