Yukana outing to Picnic Point

Each month, Yukana Private residents enjoy an outing with residents from another Toowoomba residential village. These regular events are normally reciprocal visits, swapping between the two villages to host each other. Residents enjoy morning tea while taking advantage of the chance to build and maintain the external friendships they have developed over time. While our residents enjoy playing host at Yukana, they also enjoy an occasional activity away from either village.

Tea with a view

This month, Yukana’s residents were able to take a bus trip to Picnic Point. Not only were they able to share the company of others, but also to savour their Devonshire tea. The beautiful mountain vistas provided the perfect view, with many taking the opportunity to stroll along the Picnic Point Lookout. They appreciated the chance to admire the sight of the Great Dividing Range opening out towards Brisbane. Thankfully the weather was on its best behaviour, making the morning more enjoyable.

Yukana residents enjoy view at Picnic Point

Scenic drive home

On their way home, residents took a scenic drive around the Picnic Point area. First point of call was the view at the bottom of Tobruk Memorial Drive to look at Table Top. During the drive down, residents reminisced about past BBQs and home-made picnics with family and friends. They discussed how, in more recent years, this has changed to meeting up over a take away meal instead.

Afterwards they investigated the new estates between Picnic Point and Yukana. Residents weren’t shy in expressing their amazement at what used to be bushland. Now all built up, the discussion turned to the mansion sized homes popping up on the escarpment. Some of the ladies even expressing how glad they are they don’t have to clean all the windows!

On their return to Yukana, there were lots of discussion about the days adventure. Without a doubt, the scenery and bus trip home were the favourites of the day.

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