Yukana’s New Chef

The residents at Yukana Private have always enjoyed meals prepared by chefs with many years of experience. Recently, they welcomed a new chef, James, to their home.

Working as a Chef for almost 20 years, James has held positions in several prominent local restaurants. Working in both Scotland and Thailand, James has learnt new and exciting cooking styles. His most recent position was in a well-known and popular café close to Queens Park. His experience enables him to adapt dishes to make meals an exciting and extra tasty experience for Yukana’s residents. It also allows him to be diverse with regards to catering to their individual dietary requirements.

Betty is one resident who often takes advantage of the delicious meals on offer. Arriving at Yukana Private over a year ago, she started ordering meals from the Yukana kitchen soon after arriving.

While Betty has been having them twice a week, she is thinking it would be more convenient to order them every second day. Having her main meal in the middle of the day means she only needs to worry about preparing a light meal for herself in the evenings. ‘I don’t have to think, I don’t have to wash up, I don’t have to cook!’, she says.

For Betty, it’s ‘easier than cooking’ for herself. It also means she only has a little bit of shopping to do at the grocery store. ‘Veggies don’t last that long’, Betty notes, so it means she doesn’t end up with wasted food.

Betty chooses her meals from a weekly menu, selecting the ones she prefers. The generous size of the meals mean that Betty often eats her main during lunch, and keeps her dessert to eat later on.

While he is still getting to know the residents, James is very mindful of what and how he is cooking. Betty commented on several of James’ recent creations. One was a lovely beef curry, and the other was steak and vegetables, which she chose for lunch. She noted the mildness of the curry and the tenderness of the steak, adding that she felt it was just right for those living in the Village.

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