Yukana’s new Relationship Pastor

In late 2017, we welcomed Melanie Mullen to our team as Yukana’s Relationship Pastor.

Melanie is very familiar with the responsibilities of her new role. As a Pastor, she has been providing support and pastoral care for almost 10 years now. She has a heart for the residents at Yukana after having the privilege of working with them for a short period as part of our Care team.

In her new role, Melanie not only offers pastoral care, but also emotional, spiritual and social care. Part of this is helping new residents to settle into life at Yukana. She is here to provide a listening ear and to help our residents through life’s highs and lows.

Melanie is happy to answer pastoral questions if residents ask, or just sit and have a chat. She is able to relate on a level everybody is comfortable with, no matter what capacity our residents need at that time.

Melanie Mullen chatting with a Yukana resident.

Valuing residents and families

For those finding the aging process a challenge, Melanie is there to instil a sense of worth. Her goal is to ensure our residents know they are valued. While this type of care is essential for our residents, Melanie also provides support and comfort for families. This is particularly important during difficult times and as families say their final farewells.

Aside from being a qualified Pastor, Melanie is ‘a wife of one and a mother of four’. Three of her children are in high school and one just finishing last year. While Melanie has a pretty full family life, it also allows her the flexibility of being there at times that suit residents’ needs.

New in the job, Melanie is in the process of introducing herself, and getting to know residents and their families. With her positive and engaging personality and her heart for others, Melanie is a perfect fit for the residents at Yukana.

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