20 Dec, 2017

Yukana residents will readily tell you how much they appreciate the beautiful gardens around their Village. It’s a topic they are happy to discuss, any time. Whether it’s their own garden, or one of the many gardens tended by staff, it is always a talking point throughout the year.

Of course, news of change within the Village travel fast, and the addition of a new rose garden is no exception. Tucked in between rows of units at the top of the Village, it wasn’t long before it was attracting the attention of residents, particularly those living close by.

Len and Joan are two residents who moved into Yukana not long after the garden was established. They were busily settling in, meeting other residents, joining in on activities and finding their way around the Village, so were initially unaware of the garden located not far from their new home. Of course, it wasn’t too long before they were encouraged to ‘check out’ the beautiful roses, all in full bloom, just around the corner from their unit.

Len and Joan were surprised to find the young rose bushes, with their brilliantly coloured flowers, so close to home. As it turned out, it was a bright and cheery place for them to take a leisurely stroll or to sit and just soak up a little bit of sunshine.

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